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Cleo & Wayne had 2 beautiful babies on January 8, 2017.

Cleo delivered A girl and a boy.  Sadly the little boy didn't make it.  RIP Maverick.  Little Penny is full of spunk and is going to live in Canada - eh.


Penny & Maverick

Aspen & Cowboy gave birth to two gorgeous little red and white girls on 4/7/17. 

We have named them Ginger and Mary-Anne.  The girls have found their forever homes.

Ginger & Penny Lane

Silver and Cowboy gave us 3 gorgeous grey babies on July 11.  

2 Girls and a Boy.   

Silver Ziva (Candy)
Moonie / George

Mitzi and Nunivak gave us 3 gorgeous babies on July 18.  

First a Grey and White boy, then a Black and White Boy and Last a Black and White Girl.   Sadly the little girl did not make it.  RIP Little one.


Zeal and Silver Nugget gave us 4 gorgeous babies on July 19.  

A Black and White Boy, a Red Girl and 2 more Black and White boys.


Flynt and Nunivak gave us 2 beautiful Grey and white boys on 10/10/2017.  We named them Chip and Dale.

Siri (Chip)
Goku (Dale)
Goku and Sirius
Dixie & Wayne blessed us with 5 gorgeous babies on 10/20/17. 
One passed on to the Bridge.  RIP Pixie.   The Disney Litter.  
Donald - Glacier
Daisy - Charsi
Lucy & Silver Nugget's little blessings arrived early and gave us a surprise on 10/25/17.   The WTF Litter.
Whiskey - Jovi
Tango - Cosmo
Foxtrot - Link
Bride and Nunivak gave us 5 gorgeous little boys on 12/20/2017.  The Reindeer Litter. 
Dasher - 
Dancer - 
Slush Puppy
Comet - 
Donnor - 
Blitzen - 
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