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USA UFA ALGRCH "PR" Hot Piper Out of Pocket - Retired

The Ladies.

Thank you to Barbara and Mark Manley for this beautiful girl.   She is the Head of our Pack and the favorite "Aunty" to all the babies.  Piper is Altered but that hasn't slowed her down.   Piper has titled in Flat & Steeple Aptitude / Drag Racing.  Piper is now also a Grand Champion.  We are so proud of this little girl!!!


Sire: GRCH "PR" Heart of Texas Taylor

Dam: "PR" Alasco's Hot Ms. Ellie Fante

USA UFA GRCH "PR" Wiebelhuskys Cleo of KABNAKK - Retired

Thank you to Barbara and Alan Wiebelhaus for trusting me with this beautiful girl.  She is a gorgeous dark red with green eyes.  She has a loud voice who loves telling us all about it!  Cleo has titled in Flat & Steeple Aptitude / Drag Racing.  


Sire: "PR" Naitok's Ball of Fire

Dam: GRCH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Reba

USA UFA CH "PR" Wiebelhuskys Kahlua and Cream - Retired

Thank you again Barbara and Allen for allowing this beautiful little light red girl with crystal blue eyes to come home with us.  She is a little more shy and reserved, but with age is really coming out of her shell and becoming a very sweet and loving little girl.


Sire:  "PR" Naitok's Mighty Hammer

Dam:  CH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Sedona

CH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Flynt

Thank you again for your trust Barbara and Alan.  This little lady is our up and coming future star.  She is quite the clown and a total love bug!


Sire:  "PR" FOXX Save A Horse Ryd A Cowboy

Dam: CH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Wannabe An Angel

"PR" FOXX Marvelous Mitzi of Hope

Thank you so very much to Jacki Pauley for this beautiful girl.  She is a fabulous big boned lady with the most incredible personality.  Loves giving kisses.

Sire:  CH "PR" FOXX's Ponderosa

Dam: "PR" BBCOOK/PAKK Venetian Vixn FOXX

"PR" FOXX & Pockets Nymph

Thank you so very much to Sheila Sweet for this gorgeous little girl.  She is a total snuggle bug and loves splashing in the water bowl.

Sire:  CH "PR" Taylak Sterling Spirit of Hope 

Dam: "PR" BBCOOK/PAKK Venetian Vixn FOXX 

'PR' Hope's Beauty For the Asking

Thank you so very much to Jacki Pauley for this sweet girl.  She is a total Goofball and fits in so well with our pack.  

Sire:  "PR" Hope's Kiddiddlehopper Skelton

Dam: "PR" Alasco's Joy of Hope

'PR' Kabo's Bride Lanchester Hope - Retired

Thank you so very much to Jacki Pauley for this beautiful girl.  She is very gentle and a very sweet girl.   

Sire:  CH "PR" Kika's Pride of Kovu at Kabo's

Dam: "PR" Hope's Dreaming of Miss Bella

"PR" Pocket's Rose of Rhoswen

Rhoswen was born here at Pocket Huskys.  She is a gorgeous little girl.  We have very high hopes for this little lady.

Sire:  "PR" Foxx's Silver Nugget in Pocket

Dam:  USA UFA CH "PR" Wiebelhuskys Kahlua & Cream

"PR" Pocket's Christmas Miracle

Noel was born here at Pocket Husky's.   Due to some issues after she was born, Noel was a bottle fed baby and hand raised.   Noel will live the rest of her life being loved and snuggled as a family pet,  with the rest of the Pocket Pack.  

Sire:  "PR" Hope's Reap the Wild Wind

Dam:  "PR" Kabo's Bride Lanchester Hope

CH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Aspen - Retired

Thank you to Alan & Barb Wiebelhaus for this adorable sweet girl.  She has the most amazing personality and is so very sweet.

Sire:  "PR"  FOXX'S Gable of Hope

Dam:  CH "PR" Wiebelhusky's Made in China  

"PR" Pocket's Silver Ziva
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