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Frequently asked Questions about the Alaskan Klee Kai.
Are your dogs health tested?
Yes, my dogs are or will be (depending on age) OFA and CHIC certified.
Do they Shed?
YES!!  They do shed, and depending on the dog, it can be a lot!  Just like their larger counterparts, Klee Kai "blow" their coats twice a year.  Some will not shed in between, some will.   Generally a bath and a good brushing will loosen majority of the hair.  DO NOT use a furminator brush.  It destroys the guard hairs.  When you are brushing you should mostly see white hair come out, regardless of the color of your Klee Kai.   There will be a couple of dark hairs in between.   Its a standing joke in our house during "blowing" season, that dog hair is a condiment.  
Is that a Pomskie?
NO, they are NOT Pomskie's.  A Pomskie is made by mixing a Pomeranian with a Husky.    There is no guarantee of size.  Pomskies do not have a breed standard.  Klee Kai have a set Breed Standard to go by.
Are they good with kids and other dogs?
My puppies are raised around my children and all of my other dogs including a large Lab mix who plays with them all.   Therefore they are not afraid of kids and other dogs and will tend to seek out the children's attention.  When they are not raised around children they can be afraid or even snippy towards them.   Never leave your puppy alone unsupervised with younger children, or with children who do not know how to treat an animal.  
Are they good with cats?
As these dogs have a very high prey drive, they do tend to enjoy chasing cats.  I have heard of many Klee Kai who with the proper training do get along, or at least tolerate a cat.  
How much are your puppies?
My Puppies are $4000.00 regardless of coat and eye color.
Do you ship puppies?
No, We do not Ship puppies.  You will have to pick them up.  There will be a $100.00 fee if you want me to meet you at the Atlanta airport as that is a 3 hour round trip without traffic.   Delivery can be arranged as well by prior arrangement.  I have used a flight nanny which works quite well, or I can fly the baby to you for the cost of the air line ticket and $250.00 for expenses (gas, parking and food for the day).

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