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About Us.

Our primary goal in breeding Klee Kai is to improve on the generation before, in both structure and temperament.  


We are The Davis Family - located in the tiny town of Maysville, GA. Don't blink or you will miss us!!   Kevin, my husband, my youngest Daughter Aspen and I (Angie) are all very active with our dogs.   They are all a part of the family and live on our farm along with horses, donkeys, goats, geese, ducks and chickens.  


After owning 2 huskies, we loved the breed and once they had passed we started looking for another.  Kevin jokingly said "If only there was a miniature version!", so I started searching.   We found several "breeds" then saw a note about a Klee Kai.  We looked that up and we were hooked!!    I started contacting breeders and getting on waiting lists.  We finally got Piper.  She is a gorgeous Red and White, double blue eyed female.  Sadly due to health issues, Piper had to be spayed, but that hasn't slowed her down.  I was introduced to Caroline Zinsser, who encouraged me to attend a show and to get to meet some of the other breeders.   Our First show was at Purina Farms in MO - "Gateway" where we met Barbara Wiebelhaus, Sheila Sweet and many other breeders and then our adventures really began .....  For info on all of our beautiful dogs, look them up under "The Pocket Pack" page.   To follow their shows careers see "Show Results".


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